Are you…

  • Wanting to get fit and lean, lose weight, gain muscle, reduce stress and increase your energy levels?
  • Finding it hard to get the results you want from your fitness routine or your diet?
  • Looking for one-to-one support and expert advice that’s flexible and completely tailored around YOU?

Alexandraw Wilson

It’s all within reach, and easier than you think…

I can help you to look, feel and be your best through telephone coaching, online fitness coaching, or face to face personal training in London.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, everyone is different. ‘One-size-fits-all’ programmes may suit some people, but if you’re focused on really improving – and maintaining – your fitness, then you need support that’s tailored around YOU. I’ll take into account your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes and any challenges you’ve encountered – perhaps triggers that have sabotaged you in the past.

By working with you one-to-one, I’ll help you to become better informed and more motivated and empowered – and together we’ll find the approach that’s right for you, and only you.

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